Get ready to upgrade your chill zone with our epic Bali furniture lineup! We’ve got tons of handmade goodies in all shapes, sizes, and type of wood straight from the island. Whether you’re after a boho lounge chair, a rustic coffee table, or a badass night tables, our Bali-made pieces will give your space that laid-back island vibe you’ve been craving! 🌴🛋️

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Boat shaped cabinet 150cm

199,00  incl. VAT
Boat shaped cabinet 150cm, decorated with small beads in various colors

Boat shaped cabinet color green

249,00  incl. VAT
Boat shaped cabinet color green, 200cm, green washed color

Cabinet Model Lemari

1.199,00  incl. VAT
Cabinet Model Lemari, 150cm in the Timor style

Dresser Model Raja

1.499,00  incl. VAT
Timor dark wooden dresser. Handmade and whitewashed in the two shelves and drawers edition

Nighttable Model Aceh

349,00  incl. VAT
Three drawer, dark wooden nighttable Model Aceh

Nighttable Model Habe

349,00  incl. VAT
Bedside nighttable Model Habe 60cm, three drawers, handcarved, made from Timor wood

Nighttable Model Mentawai

349,00  incl. VAT
Nighttable Model Mentawai, 60cm, Dark Timor wood, Handcarved

Nighttable Model Umang

349,00  incl. VAT
Nighttable Model Umang, one drawer and one door model made from light colored wood.